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ABX Terminal offers services of an excise warehouse at its own terminal in Riga - acceptance and glueing of alcoholic products, as well as a full range of services for warehouse logistics, handling and storage of cargo.

The ABX Terminal warehouse has excise and customs licences that allow one to accept and handle alcoholic products from different countries.

The list of services for the handling of excise cargo includes:

  •  Acceptance and completion of accompanying documents (е-AD, IM7, PUD);
  •  Preparation of documents ЕХ/Т1/IM4/СМR;
  •  Unloading with the provision of a detailed report (recounting, weighing, taking photos);
  •  Cargo quality control at the time of acceptance (revealing of defective goods by items, etc.);
  •  Customs clearing and acceptance of excise stamps;
  •  Individual order of stickers at the customer’s request;
  •  Strict accounting and safekeeping of excise stamps;
  •  Approval of a sample for glueing;
  •  Glueing of excise stamps and/or stickers;
  •  Registration of interval of the stamps;
  •  Quality control of the performed work;

As well as:

  •  Processing of specific orders and gift packing;
  •  Replacement of palettes at the customer’s request;
  •  Writing-off of defective articles;
  •  Dispatch of different parts and completing units of assembled machines;
  •  System of shelf and floor storage;
  •  System of guarding 24/7/365, including video observation and access control.

The modern electronic system of warehouse management allows customers to watch the performed processes in real-time mode from their personal office in our internet portal.

You can be sure that all activities of our employees are insured by a civil liability policy.

To receive more comprehensive information, please contact us by e-mail or phone +7 (929) 678-65-24


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