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Why is it important to insure freight during transportation?

We treat every batch of goods very carefully, regardless of its size or value. Transportation is arranged in such a way that the freight arrives to the destination point safely and within the set deadlines.

However, any freight forwarding has risks of damage or loss, which may result in financial losses. Legal regulations and conventions impose an obligation on a freight forwarder to indemnify losses, within the set limits:

  • The liability limit for air carriage (Warsaw Convention) is 17 SDR per kilogram of weight;
  • The liability limit for carriage by sea (Hague-Visby Rules) is 2 SDR per kilogram of weight or 666.67 SDR per packing, depending on which of the amounts is bigger;
  • The liability limit for international transportation by road (CMR Convention) is 8.33 SDR per kilogram of weight.

Please note that liability of the freight forwarder only includes losses caused through its fault. The freight forwarder is not responsible for the damage caused by circumstances beyond its control.

In order to maximally protect our customers from possible losses, we, jointly with the insurance broker company Marine Insurance Services SIA, developed and introduced the freight insurance programme "All Risks Covered".

Advantages of this programme:

  • Suitable for all types of freight, including general cargo, equipment, electronics and personal things;
  • Valid for all types of transportation - by air, sea, rail, road or combined;
  • Absence of compulsory fault on the part of the carrier/ freight forwarder.

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