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Special Equipment

As ABX Terminal provides a full range of services in warehouse logistics, handling and storage of goods, we have all of the required professional equipment for the measurement and transportation of cargo.

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Laser scanning system

All freight accepted by the warehouse passes the high-accuracy measurement system, which allows one to simultaneously measure the size, weight, as well as the real and cubic volumes of the freight.

Characteristics of the laser scanning:

  • Measurement system with the grade value of ± 20 mm in length and width and ± 10 mm in height. Standard configurations allow measuring from 0.01 m 3 up to 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.8 m, with an accuracy of 0.5 cm.
  • The scanning system fixes parameters of cargo in 3D measurement, with no special lighting or contact.
  • An in-built photo camera allows the taking of photos with the cargo parameters automatically. All parameters are registered and displayed on the photos.

Travelling crane

A travelling crane allows the unloading of heavy oversized cargo inside the warehouse premises. It is especially important, when unfavourable weather circumstances may affect the cargo’s condition.

In addition, the travelling crane increases the speed of loading and unloading vehicles that allows a reduction in expenses for these services.

Technical parameters of the crane:

  • Maximum size of a vehicle for entering the warehouse: 3 m wide and 4 m high.

  • Maximum weight of the cargo - 12.5 t.

Pocket dosimeter

A pocket dosimeter allows freight to be checked for radiation.

The survey dosimeter RadEye PRD is widely used in different industries – customs, logistic services, emergency teams of the Federal Rescue Service, nuclear medicine and nuclear power engineering.


Platform scale

Platform scale is an additional control measure, allowing our customers to pass customs points with no fuss. We weigh every truck arriving to the warehouse for loading or customs clearance.

Technical parameters of the scale:

  • Carrying capacity up to 60000 kg
  • Pitch up to 20 kg

The weighing station operates 24h.

Axle load scales

Recently, alongside weighing freights on a platform scale, frontier services strictly check the axle load. In the case of exceeding it, a penalty is imposed and the vehicle is sent back for eliminating the discrepancy.

To avoid such situations, we offer our customers the service of weighing on axle load scales. Their mechanism allows checking of whether the axle load is within the norm. Such additional measure of control allows additional expenses to be avoided in the process of transportation and passing the border with no fuss.

Technical parameters of the scale:

  • The maximum limit of weighing - 30 t per axle
  • Velocity when measuring weight during movement - 3-5 km/h
  • Statistical accuracy of weighing - 10 kg
  • Certificate of Conformity: SEV14-194
  • The scales function 24h.

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